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Piggy Banks To Money
Markets With Guide

by Kids Guide To Money
Kids' guide to money matters inspires an enterprising spirit and encourages self-esteem. Includes activity book.

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Schoolhouse Rock! - Money Rock (1998)

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Laugh & Learn: All About Counting Money

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Teenbiz - Money Making Teens (1998)

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Time, Money & Management (1991)

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Making Money

by Thinking Kids
Scout out a working mint and engraving bureau to see coins and bills being produced (30 min.)

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The Complete Introduction to Coin Magic

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Money: Earning, Saving and Investing It

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Baby Sitting 101 / Basics and Beyond

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U.S. Mints: Money Machines U.S. Mints: Money Machines

Visit the secretive facilities where America literally makes its money in this fascinating tour of the U.S. MINTS.

The Story of Money set The Story of Money set

Stocks, bonds, bills, coins, barter, forgers and mints --the sprawling tapestry of money comes alive in this inquiry that winds from wampum to ATMs. 200 mins.; 2 videos.

Banks Banks

From the influence of men like Alexander Hamilton to the creation of the FDIC, this is a fascinating chronicle of the institutions at the backbone of the world's economy. 50 mins.

The Stock Exchange The Stock Exchange

Financial experts and historians help tell the bullish history of the stock exchange, the engine of the global economy.

History of the Dow Jones History of the Dow Jones

Examine the lives of the two visionaries who created the world's most followed financial index. 50 mins.

The Crash The Crash

Part fascinating documentary, part cautionary tale, this is a must-see analysis of the worst financial disaster in modern history.

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