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New Moon Money: How to Get It, Spend It, and Save It

Topics include why we need money, how to find the job that's right for you, the benefits of volunteer work, creating a budget, an explanation of financial terms and the stock market, money-related games, and resources kids can turn to for more information about money.

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The Ultimate Baby-Sitter's Handbook: So You Want to Make Tons of Money (Plugged In Series)
by Debra Mostow Zakarin, Ruta Daugavietis (Illustrator), Kristin Lock

New ideas and tips from how to get started to how to handle challenging situations.

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The Young Investor: Projects and Activities for Making Your Money Grow
by Katherine R. Bateman

Explains the language of business and the skills of investing, so that children can grow up business-literate and get an early start at making their money grow.

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Bright Ideas: From Girls, For Girls!
by Susan Synarski (Illustrator), Trula Magruder (Editor)

American Girl readers provide the best and brightest suggestions for money-making opportunities, crafts, snacks, school projects and more.

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Money Planner For Kids
Larry Burkett's Pocket Change Series
by Larry Burkett

Chariot Victor Publications - June, 2001

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Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Money
The Career Ideas for Kids
by Diane Lindsey Reeves, Gayle Bryan

Facts on File, Inc. - April, 2001

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Mom, Can You Buy Me This?
by Kathryn Durham

Pen and Paper - January, 2000

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Household History
by Robert Young

Carolrhoda Books - January, 1998

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Guide to Baby-Sitting (The Baby-Sitters Club)

by Jahnna Beecham, Ann M. Martin (Illustrator)
Apple, 1996
The members of the Baby-Sitters Club and real baby-sitters offer advice on starting a club, changing diapers, getting kids to bed, what to do in an emergency, and other helpful topics.

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Money Sense for Kids!

by Hollis Page Harman
Barrons Juveniles, 1999
Whatever your age, you will have FUN learning about money, stocks and bonds with this book.

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Good Cents For Girls

by Ingrid Roper
Pleasant Company Publications, 1998

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Quest for the Pillars of Wealth
A Children's Guide to Growing Rich

by J. J. Pritchard
Latern Press, 2000

An engaging tale full of surprises in which young readers will discover the three time-honored foundations for creating wealth.

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Funny Business:
A Bazillion Cool Business Ideas For Kids

by Michael J. Searls
World of Money, 1997

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Growing Money
A Complete Investing Guide for Kids

by Gail Karlitz and Debbie Honig
Price Stern Sloan Publishers, 1999

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The Kid's Guide To Money
Earning It, Saving It
Spending It, Growing It
Sharing It

by Steve Otfinoski
Scholastic, Inc., 1996

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It's My Money
A Kid's Guide To
The Green Stuff

by Ann Banks
Puffin Books, New York, 1993

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Money Matters For Kids
Earn It, Give It
Spend It, Save It

by Lauree Burkett
and Christie Bowler
Moody Press, Chicago, 1997

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Ultimate Kids'
Money Book

by Neale S. Godfrey
Simon & Schuster, 1998

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The Totally Awesome
Money / Business Books For Kids

by Adriane G. Berg and
Arthur Berg Bochner
Newmarket Press, 1997

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Making Cents
Every Kid's Guide To
Money: How To Make It,
What To Do With It

by Elizabeth Wilkinson
Little Brown & Co, 1989

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The Kids' Business Book

by Arlene Erlbach
Lerner Publications Company, 1998

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The Kids' Allowance Book

by Amy Nathan
Walker & Company, 1998

Author Interview
Kids' Money Allowance Article
Excerpts From Reviews

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50 Money Making
Ideas For Kids

by Lauree and L. Allen Burkett
Thomas Nelson, 1997

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Smart Spending
A Young Consumer's Guide

by Lois Schmitt
Atheneum, 1989

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Fast Cash For Kids
Young Entrepreneurs Learn The Value Of
Money Through Hundreds Of Money-Making
Activities And A Step-By-Step Business Plan
To Guide Kids As Well As Concerned Parents
And Teachers

by Bonnie and Noel Drew
Career Press, 1995

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Better Than A Lemonade Stand
Small Business
Ideas For Kids

by Daryl Bernstein
Beyond Words Publishing Co., 1992
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Kid Cash
Creative Money-
Making Ideas

by Joe Lamancusa
Tab Books, 1993
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Excerpts from reviews of The Kids' Allowance Book by Amy Nathan
(Walker & Co., 1998)

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